1965  Cobra

This is a classic COBRA from 1965.

A very popular replica in different levels 

of finish.



Custom frame

Steel frame built for a 67 Healey. Each body carries its own custom frame. They are not interchangable.



One Piece body

Bodies are fabricated in the mold to be

a single piece when they are released.



CRD is an engineering company that has been in business since 1989 to design,  develop and build tooling to replicate the best cars of the past.  

If  you have a design, a picture or simply an idea we can take from there & create a set of tooling for you to  go into production.


This is the way it works. We first create a full scale model to satisfy the design, make all the changes required and then fabricate a set of molds to be used to make bodies.

After that we fabricate a frame to fit

the body and later we build a jig to

reproduce that frame consistently.


Hardwood interiors look very vintage and are suitable for retro roadsters.


 This project is still ongoing to produce

a number of fully electric vehicles to  be used in a solar community with solar power production.



front suspension is the most critical spec on a car


a timeless design is great for a replica




rear suspension is crucial for traction
the long-short link is one of the best
the long-short links clearly show parallel for a straight launch








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