BUILDER SPECIAL:  BODY assembled in mold as a unit.

                                gel-coat on all exterior parts.

   $ 12,500.-              doors, hood, trunk lid, not assembled

                                FRAME  welded on the  jig, unpainted

                                needs finish welding, welder provided

                                all suspension points attached.

                                extra steel for cowl bar, hinges,

                                motor mounts, tranny mount, etc.

                                BLUEPRINT with basic instructions.

                                1 MIG WELDER  110v. wire feed

                                 that can be converted to MIG gas.


  ROLLING CHASSIS: Frame assembled with suspension, brakes,

     $ 18,900.-              fuel lines, fuel tank, brake lines, extra steel for

                                 motor mounts and trans mount, cowl bar

                                 frame in black primer. FULLY WELDED

                                 RACK & PINON steering with tie rods and bolts

                                 GM REAR END  with stock gears, linked to frame.

                                 COILOVER SUSPENSION, adjustable ride height

                                 BODY as in builder's special,

                                 BLUEPRINT, basic instructions.

                                 110v.  MIG WELDER for your convenience.

                                          can be converted to MIG gas.


  BIG PACKAGE:         ROLLING CHASSIS plus, windshield, all chrome,

   23.900.-                     2 seat shells, dash pattern, 4 rolling wheels

                                    1 Wiring harness, 6 Vintage gauges,

                                    8 Turn signals, 2 Headlights, Misc switches.


                                    CHROME LIST: 2 door handles, 2 side spears,

                                    1 Grill surround, 1 Hood chrome, 1 Dash mirror,

                                    2 Trunk hinges, 1 Trunk latch with handle,

                                    1 Flip top gas fill, 1 Dash grab handle, 2 Hood pins,

                                    2 Dash defrosters, 2 Bullet mirrors, 2 door pull handles




  COMPLETE PACKAGE:  all the above as BIG PACKAGE plus::

      $ 29,500.-                 1 Steering column paintable, 1 Steering wheel,

                                      1 Hub and horn button, 1 Steering shaft

                                      2 steering joints, 1 Brake pedal set, 1 Master

                                      cylinder for disc-disc, 1 Gas pedal adjustable

                                      1 power brake booster,

                                      1 Aluminum radiator, 1 hose kit

                                      1 electric fan and  relay kit

                                      1 Wiper kit (motor, arms and blades)

                                      1 Mahogany dash blank unfinished

                                      1 Pr High-Low horns, 4  polished 5 spoke wheels,

                                      2- 16x6     2-  16x7  4  tires ft 205/55  rr 225/60




C.R.D. llc 

Is a research and development company to replicate roadsters of the past and create molds and

jigs for production companies.


The tooling are of professional quality and are intended for long term production.

Suitable for small business or large operation.


We usually include a running car  as a reference of what to build.

The package is very complete with drawings, blueprint, parts list











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